RealKlear Technologies

We are a technology services firm focused on helping clients re-orient their business culture in-order to achieve greater levels of agility. To achieve this, we specifically facilitate their adoption and execution of transformative strategies that leverage innovative technologies and modern methods.

With an emphasis on premium quality, reliability and cost optimized solutions, Realklear is focused on net positive outcomes. Our goals are simple… be a catalyst for our client’s success; be a trusted advisor/executor of business empowering technology and processes that are aligned to the client’s overarching vision.

Our business model consists of an “employee-as-owner” model that attracts and incentivizes the industry’s best and brightest innovators and subject matter experts. By combining our mission to deliver measurable value to our clients with every collaboration, our adherence to best practice, and the brightest professionals - we consistently exceed our client’s expectations in value, quality and effectiveness of deployed solution.

Our founders and partners bring decades of successful results for Fortune 500 companies as well as deep expertise and delivery capabilities in modern disruptive technologies, and practices, including: Public/Private Cloud Computing Operations (CloudOps) and Cybersecurity.
Our ability to navigate the complexity, velocity and scale of modern innovation and prescribe right fit solutions allows our clients to maintain relevance in an era hyper-accelerated of rapidly shifting unpredictable business landscape.


"To be the business partner of choice for innovation centered transformation."


"To provide our partners with premium, cost optimized technology solutions that enable their organization’s vision. 



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Head Office: Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Sales: Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA